1. Do not bring food or drink, lotions, or combs near the computer.
​2. No eating in the classroom.
3. Store all files on your flash drive or Google drive, not the desktop. Files will be deleted!
4. Respect the technology or you will not use them!
5. Read the instructions in Edmodo or Moodle before you ask for help.
6. Stay out of other people’s files!
7. Do not surf the Internet or read your email while you are supposed to be listening to the teacher or working on the assignment.
8. Work quietly and stay on task.  Make every effort to do your best.
9. Get permission if you want to use the Internet for anything other than the day’s assignment.
10. Leave the work area neat.  Put the chair back under the desk neatly!
11. Get organized. Have your task at hand and use your time wisely.
12. You and your parents will be legally and financially responsible for ANY damage to ANY technology that was held in your care.
13. The teachers and administrators do have the right to review all your actions while using school resources.
14. Do not give out personal information while using the technology in the course.
15. Immediately report to your parents and/or teachers’ problems relating to offensive, inappropriate graphics or photographs and content that makes you feel uncomfortable.
16. Ask permission to use your headphones to listen to your music.
17. This technology is for educational purposes.  They are tools, not toys.
18. Realize that people aren’t always whom they say they are online and do not impersonate anyone online.
19. Learn to search safely content online and never agree to up with anyone online, unless you have your parent's permission.
20. No video games and live streaming of music in class.
21. Understand that the Internet is public and whatever you publish will be available to everyone.
​22. Do not alter anything on the desktop or hard drive.

Technology classroom guidelines