instructional policies & procedures

GUIDELINES FOR effective coursework/performance management

I. Student Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to arrive to class in a timely manner, begin work immediately, direct their full attention to the instructor when prompted, and remain on-task throughout the class period. Students must also have all materials necessary for the class period. Deficiencies in any of these areas will result in a grade reduction in Powerschool under the “Participation” category.  Substantial deficiencies will be accompanied by a brief note on a student’s participation grade in Powerschool, and students may lose technology privileges for the class period.

​II.    Learning Management Systems / Powerschool: Students and parents are responsible for checking assignment due dates in Edmodo. All student assignments will be graded with feedback in Edmodo, and grades will be subsequently entered into Powerschool. Students are solely responsible for maintaining their login and password information. The instructor will not have access to student login and password information. Students and parents must refer to Edmodo before inquiring about a grade given that the comments and feedback will provide the reasoning for the instructor’s assessment.

​III.   Students and parents are responsible for checking Powerschool regularly to obtain grading information. The login/password for parent and student access may be obtained at an orientation session or at the main office. Grades will be entered on a weekly basis.

IV.   Student Computer / Internet /Technology Use: Students must return a completed syllabus (signed by student and parent or guardian) before gaining access to a computer, the Internet, or affiliated technologies.

V.   Student Submission of Work:  Students are expected to submit all assignments by the posted due date in Edmodo. If a student has difficulty or an issue with an assignment, it is his/her responsibility to make an after school or lunch appointment with the instructor before the posted deadline. Late work will not be accepted. Students that have failed to submit assignments by the posted deadlines will submit an email to their parent(s) and instructor explaining their reasoning for the missed assignment.

VI.   Late Work: Late work is generally not accepted. Partial credit may be given to students that fail to post assignments within the prescribed timeline. This gratuity is solely at the discretion of the instructor, and a maximum of 50% will be given for completed assignments.

VII.  Academic Integrity: Students are expected to model the academic integrity policy as defined in the student handbook.  This is especially important relative to use of materials found on the Internet. 

VIII.  Attendance/ Missed Classes:  Students must coordinate with the teacher for make up of projects, or any other missed assessments, instruction, etc. on the calendar day of their return in cases of illness and bereavement. Deadlines will remain intact for all other absences. Since most new concepts are built on previously learned material, it is important that this be done as soon as possible.  All other absences online missed assignments will be available in Edmodo (and Moodle), and students are expected to check for new assignments and material daily.

​IX.   Students with disabilities:  Please contact me as soon as possible if you have a learning or physical disability that makes it difficult for you to be successful in class so that I may provide whatever accommodations possible for you. 

X.    E-Portfolio Requirement:  Students must maintain an electronic portfolio that contains all projects, and assignments. The portfolio can be accessed through a link in Moodle, and is hosted through Wordpress.  This will be graded each semester and checked periodically.

XI.   Teacher / Student / Parent Conferences: Conferences will be held in the instance where a student does not achieve a desired grade on an on-time assignment, or has not improved their grade subsequent to after-school assistance from the instructor. Conferences will not be granted for missing or late assignments.

a.    Student Conference – Students must schedule a meeting regarding their concerns initially before any parent or administrator conferences will be considered.

​b.    Parent/Teacher/Student Conference – This conference will be granted after the student/teacher conference and/or multiple appointments for extra help.